Traveling Into The Past In A Unique Way

When people talk about time travel, they think of getting into a machine, turning a few dials and then sending themselves backwards or forward in time.  Since this is a work of fiction finding a way to travel back in time would be very cool.  One way to do this is by exploring our past.  One unique way to explore our past is to visit a historic burial site lakewood co.

When visiting a burial site or graveyard we are presented with many people who lived their lives and are no longer with us.  The first clue to discovering who they were is by reading the etchings on the tombstones. 

The tombstones are also known as grave markers.  They mark where the body of the person mentioned in the stone is buried.  From the information on the stone we can see when they were born, when they died and possibly some general information about their lives.

historic burial site lakewood co

How did they live?

When looking at the dates on a tombstone you can approximate how they lived.  For example, if you see that they were born in the late 1800’s then you can presume that they saw a lot of change taking place in society.  If you look and see flags on the grave or a date in the 1940’s then you can assume that they experienced some of the great depression.

Did they have a good life?

IF the dates on the tombstone are close together, signifying a young age of death, then you can probably assume that they had a hard life.  When looking at the tombstone if you see that it is large, has intricate markings and detail you can assume that they or their family had money.

Exploring a graveyard doesn’t have to be spooky, it can be very educational and eye opening.

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