Tips For Caring For Your Musical Instrument

When we decide to play an instrument there are many things that we need to do in order to keep it in tune.  First, we need to play it on a regular basis, keep it away from water and fire and bring it in for boston guitar repair when it isn’t working correctly.  

Taking care of our instruments will ensure that we will receive the results that are needed from the instrument itself.  If a string is off on a guitar then we won’t achieve the correct tone or pitch.  If there are dents or other imperfections in a flute or other wind instrument the sound will create a different vibration.

Cleaning your instrument

Instruments should be cleaned before and after each use.  Taking a dry cloth and wiping down the surface of your instrument will remove any dust and particles that may have deposited.  For some instruments special cleaners may be available to remove specific buildups that may occur.  Consult with your instrument’s manufacturer about what products they recommend.

When using specific cleaning products, make sure to follow the directions and instructions for use.  You don’t want to overuse some of these materials as they may strip vital components away from your instruments.

Care with care

When transporting your instruments, you want to handle with care.  You will want to have a dedicated carrying case that you purchased at the time of your instrument to carry it in.  Trying to create a makeshift carrying case for your instrument will result in possible damage to your instrument that could be costly.

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Learn the basic steps that are needed to care for your instrument. How to play the instrument without damaging it and even taking your instrument into service several times a year will help to ensure that when you are playing you are giving the best performance of your life.

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