4 Reasons to Add a Cafeteria to Your Business

Every business facility needs a break room where employees go to rest, snack, and lunch in between work. But, you can do things a little bit better than the other guys by opening a cafeteria at your facility. Although adding a cafeteria may seem like an investment that isn’t worth the ash, this type of addition can do great things for your business. Read below to learn 4 big reasons to open a cafeteria at your business and take the plunge without delay.

1.    Make More Money: A business shouldn’t miss out on profitable additions for their business. A cafeteria is one easy way to add extra cash to the budget every month. Contact a local pittsburgh area commissary to learn more about the profits you can bank with a cafeteria.

2.    Reduced Absences/Tardiness: When it’s time for lunch, many employees who want a hot meal head out to the nearest fast food restaurant to grab a bite to eat. This may lead to tardiness getting back to work, productivity loss, and other hassles that you avoid when there is a cafeteria readily serving delicious foods.

3.    Attract New Employees: Employees have options when it comes to the places they work. And, if they’re unhappy with the environment, the option to leave is there. Protect the workplace by adding all the extras that make employees happy, such as a cafeteria serving coffee and hot foods.

4.    Different Food: Most people tire of eating the same foods consistently, but with limited restaurants nearby your business, it may turn into such a situation. Your cafeteria provides an alternative to the everyday foods.

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There are endless reasons to add a cafeteria to your business, even if that means a small initial investment is necessary. The benefits above only begin to break the surface of the many that you’ll enjoy. Don’t put this decision off any longer!